Thursday, March 31, 2011

Patterns, Stripes, and Spring

 I tend to be aesthetically bi-polar.  Most of the things I like are black and lately I have been riding the wave of platforms, drapey frocks, leggings OR hot pants and tights.  However, I am REALLY loving STRIPES and PATTERNS everywhere for Spring/Summer and I am in the mood to be girlie. Platforms - Check.  Flowy Bell Skirt - Check.  Stripes - Check.  Image of me playing dress up (without a head) followed by a few doses of inspiration.Striiiiipeeess....
My skirt was made by designer Ariadne Fish, a friend and collaborator from college (you might of seen her on Project Runway 2 seasons ago).  She was using a lot of tribalesque prints with a hybrid of retro and contemporary lines around this time, and this skirt was part of a fashion show we did together about 7 years ago. <3


She Doesn't Get Enough


Never Let Me Catch You With Your Groove Down by Ben Weller. Styled by fashion editor Phoebe Arnold

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Dem Bones!

I saw these via Haute Macabre and had to share and covet!  Ahhh, too bad they are in the range of 340 bones.  Osseous Jewelry made by Joyeria Osea - Shop name Sofiasanchezb on etsy.  You can explore the collection (here).

Sunday, March 20, 2011

A Life Less Ordinary

 Adam Wallacavage's chandeliers amaze me. (found via

"The exquisite work of Adam Wallacavage turns the notion of stuffy luxurious d├ęcor for the well-heeled upside-down. Instead, his lavish chandeliers and candelabras appeal to the wild-at-heart seeking a life less ordinary. His colorful, iconic octopus pieces are so playfully energetic it is easy to imagine them squirming to life and wrapping a charming tentacle over one’s shoulders.
The complex colors and always changing assemblages allow Wallacavage’s chameleon-like works to slip between the styles of 16th century ornamental Baroque, Victorian era Steampunk, lush Art Nouveau and even through to modern day."


Wallacavage is represented by Jonathan Levin Gallery

Thierry Mugler Fall 2011

Finally!  I have been waiting for good stills from this show and found some via  This much anticipated collection does not disappoint.  I love the simplicity of the garments actually.. I have seen a lot of pattern on the runway for fall and although there was SOME print there were a lot more solid tones coupled with transparency.  The line itself carries strong Thierry motifs of a fierce (I hate using that word.), domina sexuality.. There is a mixture of soft, structurally hard, and biomorphic garments that exagerate the female form.  Also love all the latex that is mixed with other materials.  Latex on latex on latex was getting boring and the use of latex in the mainstream became more commonplace in the past few years so its nice to see it more integrated with other materials.  DSquared featured a lot of red latex mixed in with their fall line last year and I absolutely loved it.  Anyway.. on to the photos. (Pic heavy)

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