Monday, November 15, 2010


Thomas Kerr's latest work for Monster and Midget
Model: Eva

Saturday, November 13, 2010


I walked into Bebe years ago on a whim and I have stalked their fall/winter catalogs ever since. Their fall/winter lines always promise a little bit of what I call "the sneaky freaky"; a touch of dark aesthetics.. practical.. feminine.. conscious of fashion trends.. a lot of black (always a plus for us chromophobes).. a little more grown up but still willfully sexy. Any other time of year walking into that store is downright frightful with its plethora of garish pastels, halter dresses, and the wrong kind of hoochie shoes.. for me anyway. But I digress.. Fall and winter are my favorite seasons for fashion and Bebe's Fall/winter Addiction line has some fun pieces to play with. They aren't on the fringe of fashion of course, but I can see them co-mingling with darker fall.

They are also a hot spot for shoes. I love platform shoes, and Bebe always has sexy shoes (See post below with leopard and black pyramid booties).

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